A smarter way to sell art

Let anyone in the world request your commissions.
Let Arty handle the payments, escrow, delivery, and disputes.

Getting Started

A revolutionary art commission escrow service

Sell your commissions quicker, cheaper, and to the world – secured with Arty’s blockchain escrow technology.

Step 1: Start a new commission!

Step 1: Start a new commission!

No matter how or who requests artwork from you, Arty handles the commission from start to finish!

Once you’ve been approached, start a commission on Arty where you’ll write up the details for the artwork, set your price, and share your unique commission link with the client.

Step 2: Publish to the blockchain and create something beautiful!

Step 2: Let us handle the hard stuff.

When your client visits the unique link, they’ll see the details and can pay for the commission with their card or PayPal through Arty – agreeing to the contract.

Once the client has paid for your work, you pay a small fixed fee to publish the “commission contract”.

This contract is then set in (digital) stone on the blockchain (a world first!) making Arty’s escrow services decentralised, irreversible, transparent, and non-repudiable!

Learn about Arty’s blockchain escrow technology
Step 3: Deliver and get paid!

Step 3: Deliver your art & get paid!

You’re done!? Upload the finished piece and Arty will securely share a sample of the commission for your client to approve.

Once everyone is happy, Arty releases the funds and you can payout to your bank account (or PayPal). Even if you’re from overseas, we’ll exchange the payout to your local currency at the best available rate!

Arty can save you money and hassle while managing commissions for clients all over the world!

I’m not convinced, tell me more.

Why Arty?

From hobbyist to full-time freelancer, don’t take chances with your commissions, handle them with Arty.

Accept From Anywhere

Whether you accept commissions from social networks, E-Mail, or hand-written postcards, Arty will manage them - start to finish.


Arty is fiercely competitive and will continue to be so. Don’t accept a 20% cut taken for your hard work, Arty charges 8%.

International With Ease

Accept all major cards & PayPal from clients in almost every country without additional setup. Payout in your local currency.

Get Paid In Your Currency

Arty supports 50+ currencies for payouts at the best available exchange rate! Saving you from crappy conversion costs.

Super Easy

No need to learn crazy blockchain techno jargon. You will be selling commissions through Arty in a matter of minutes.

Safer For Both Parties

Commission contracts on the blockchain do away with the "he said, she said" and maximise the chance of a fair resolution.


No complex pricing tiers, no hidden fees, and no fees for clients!

Selling Commissions

$1.50 USD + 8%

  • Arty charges a small fee only after your client has purchased your work. Once completed, we keep a small percentage of the commission sale price.

Get Started

Paying Out


  • When you are ready to payout, we’ll send your earnings to your bank account. A currency conversion fee may be charged by TransferWise.
  • There is no fee for payouts in AUD.


Questions that are asked on the frequent.

What countries does Arty support?

Almost all of them! We support PayPal and credit or debit card payments from customers in over 45 countries.

Artist Payouts: We support more than 50 currencies for bank transfers with TransferWise. They will manage the currency exchange (if necessary) with no mark-up regardless of where your clients live or how they paid! We also support payouts via PayPal!

Do artists have public profiles or pricing sheets on Arty?

No. Arty is not a portfolio or site for advertising yourself as an artist. We let artists find customers however they like; such as on Twitter, Tumblr, DeviantArt, Instagram, personal websites, or just Email.

The artist uses Arty to safely accept payment and deliver the commission without having to worry about foreign currencies, using an escrow service, or dealing with a dispute by themselves.

Why are some prices in AUD?

While Arty is international, behind the scenes we’re an Australian business and payments to our escrow account are made in Australian Dollar (AUD).

If you are purchasing a commission, PayPal or your bank will exchange your local currency into AUD for you. Don’t worry about it, mate!

Can I hold my earnings in Arty and payout when I want?

Absolutely! Arty will hold your earnings until you’re ready. You can use the calculator on TransferWise to estimate what fee they’ll charge on your payout (remember the sending currency is AUD).

Pro-tip: The higher the payout amount, the lower the TransferWise fee.

How do I create an account?

If you’re an artist, you create an account during ‘Step 2’ of Arty’s three-step process. If you’re purchasing a commission, you won’t need an account.

Do I still pay the fixed fee if the sale falls through?

No. You only pay the fixed fee after the client has accepted the commission details and paid into Arty’s escrow account. If your client bails before they’ve paid, you won’t be charged anything.

Have questions? We’d be happy to answer them! Chat with us online, through social media, or use our contact form.