Dispute Rules

Last modified: January 06, 2021

This document presumes you have read the Terms of Service.

Arty hopes to always resolve disputes in a fair and prompt manner. However, with any dispute we will use our discretion (such as it is) in determining when and how to follow up on reports and may decline to take any further action. It is imperative that you follow the rules outlined in this document for the greatest chance of a favourable resolution.

All disputes will be recorded, and what information you choose to provide during a dispute may be shared with the party you are disputing and/or third-parties who provide dispute resolution services to Arty.

Submitting a dispute

As a client you cannot dispute a commission that you have reviewed, accepted, and downloaded. If an artist has submitted a commission for you to review, but it does not meet the commission specifications, DO NOT accept the commission. You may dispute a commission before the completion date, or up to 14 days after the completion date has lapsed.

Filing a dispute with Arty should be seen as the “last effort” to resolve an issue. You must make reasonable attempts to resolve the dispute amicably with the other party before filing a dispute with Arty. You will be asked to provide evidence of this.

When submitting a dispute, you will also be asked to provide the contract contents, payment date, and other information regarding the commission that will be used to validate your claim. You must ensure that your contract validates or else the claim will be declined.

During the dispute resolution process

Once a dispute has been filed it will be reviewed by Arty to ensure validity. Arty will rely on E-mail exclusively to interact with parties during the resolution process. At any point after a dispute has been filled Arty may freeze part of, or all, the disputed funds for up to 30 days.

Failure to promptly respond to requests made by Arty during the dispute process may result in an unfavourable resolution.

Arty cannot provide an exact time period to resolve a dispute.


The result of a dispute is final, and the applicable contract cannot be re-disputed. In the event the resolution involves refunding portion, or all, of a transaction, a fixed $2 AUD + 5% fee will be charged to cover the cost to Arty.

As example, a dispute that resolves in favour of the client who had transacted $100 AUD through Arty’s escrow (approximately $70 USD), could expect to be refunded $93.10 AUD (approximately $65 USD). Refunds may be processed via the same method of purchase or an alternate means such as TransferWise. These third-party service providers may charge a fee which will not be reimbursed by Arty.

Unless in extraordinary cases, the fixed fee charged to the artist will not be refunded, regardless of resolution. This is entirely at the discretion of Arty.

Changes to this document

Please be aware that we may change these Dispute Rules in the future. We may modify these Rules at any time, in our sole discretion and all modifications will be effective immediately upon our posting of the modifications on our website. Please check back from time to time to review our Dispute Rules.